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March 18, 2008


You have the power to improve your life RIGHT NOW!
Our Guides/Spirit/Higher Self are always in constant communication with us. We sometimes lose our way, or forget how to listen to the guidance they offer. Allow me to help you to reconnect, listen, and learn from them once again.
All readings done via email are sent to you within 24 HRS.

Featured Specialty Reading:
A Guide For Love

Whether you're in a relationship or you desire to be in one, this guide can help you open the doors to the pathway of true happiness in love.
more about this reading

With Higher Guidance you can:
   *Learn how to work on and improve your life's journey
   *Learn about the elements you may currently be unaware of surrounding your life
   *Get meaningful insight and guidance to improve all aspects of your life
   *Learn how to reconnect with that which is Love and Universal
   *Confirm those "hunches" (guidance from Spirit) that you have

Comments From Some Who Have Already Received Readings:

Thank you so much for the reading. Wow, you hit on the things that are going on right now with me. I think I will order a more detailed reading to see if it can help me decide which way to go.
Thanks again!!
(Past, Present, Possible Future Item #0703)

Mari..although I would have preferred a yes as an asnwer..your reading couldnt be better!...(remainder omitted for privacy)
(1 Question, 1 Card Item #0701)

Hi Mari,
Thank you so much for the free reading. Your reading was very accurate,...(remainder omitted for privacy)

(1 Question, 1 Card Item #FR0701)

I received an email reading couple of weeks ago. There's so much truth behind the initial reading done by Mari. Thank you so much. It left me wanting to know more. I will place my order for the lover reading.
(1 Question, 1 Card Item #0701)

The reading I received from Mari was right on with the daily readings I have been doing for myself with my tarot cards...Mari just confirmed that my cards are telling me the truth, not influenced by me throwing them!!!!
(General Reading Item #0707)

I had many readings in the past. But the reading by Mari was EXCEPTIONALLY ACCURATE . I did not give her any information about myself to work with,you are very good,thank you I will be back. - Jenny
(General Reading Item #0707)

Thank you Mari for your very accurate reading. I have had two relationships analysed now (a love relationship and a friendship) and both times, you picked up some of the key issues really well even though I had not given any information other than the names and birthdates. You are very gifted, and I will definately be getting more readings from you.
(Love Relationship Reading Item #0706)

***Dear Mari,
First let me say I think what you do is amazing how it almost appears as if your looking into someones soul. I have had to really read and re read my reading because the more I read it the more it makes sense. I am very amazed by it all. If I havent thanked you. Thank You :)

(General Reading Item# 0707)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insight on this matter. I have lived many many years with this "hole" in my heart. Wondering, waiting from something from her. Thank you for this. Your gift is amazing to me and you have helped me more than you can imagine. :) Thank you

(General Relationship Reading Item# 0702)

Your comments and feedback are very important. If you have received a reading, please send a testimonial. In exchange, you will receive a free 1 Question, 1 Card reading.


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Learn what you need to know about your current love relationship...
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Learn what career is best suited for you and your personal Life Path...
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Learn about the past, present, and possible future of a situation...
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